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Meg and Mog

  • Meg and Mog Play Hide and Seek (Board Book)
    $120.00 Meg and Mog Play Hide and Seek (Board Book)
    Meg and Mog are in the garden, making spells and playing hide-and-seek at the castle.Lift the flaps to reveal fun surprises underneath which also teach readers about numbers, colours and other concepts.
  • Meg at Sea (Paperback)
    $90.00 Meg at Sea (Paperback)
    Meg, Mog and Owl are becalmed in a boat. Meg makes one of her spells and gets more than she bargained for!With their simple text and boldly graphic pictures the Meg and Mog picture books are perfect for sharing or reading...
  • Meg Comes To School (Paperback)
    $90.00 Meg Comes To School (Paperback)
    When Meg attends Owl's school sports day in a very unusual hat, everyone is in for a big surprise!Meg Comes to School is a classic Meg and Mog tale by Helen Nicoll and Jan Pienkowski
  • Meg Goes to Bed (Paperback)
    $90.00 Meg Goes to Bed (Paperback)
    Meg Goes to Bed is the latest of the iconic MEG and MOG picture books that continue to delight children up to the age of 3 with the brightly coloured and spellbinding antics of Meg the witch, Mog her cat and Owl.Mog and Owl...
  • Meg up the Creek (Paperback)
    $90.00 Meg up the Creek (Paperback)
    Meg, Mog and Owl are back in a wonderful outdoor adventure. The three head off in a canoe for an exciting hunting trip but it doesn't take long for things to start going wrong.First, they forget to tie up the canoe, then...
  • Meg's Car (Paperback)
    $90.00 Meg's Car (Paperback)
    A car is all very well if you know how to drive it, but if you're Meg or Mog, in a hurry to go on a picnic, you really are safer on a broomstick.Children will love exploring the colours, sounds and shapes in the magical Meg...
  • Meg's Mummy (Paperback)
    $90.00 Meg's Mummy (Paperback)
    Meg and Mog fly off on an adventure to Egypt. As they land on top of a pyramid, Meg accidentally lets go of her cauldron and poor Mog falls out, so she has to bandage him up.While Meg is getting help, Mog is mistaken for a...
  • Meg's Veg (Paperback)
    $90.00 Meg's Veg (Paperback)
    Meg and Mog plant their vegetables, but will they grow? Meg's helpful spells have some surprising results!The bestselling Meg and Mog stories are perfect for sharing or reading alone. Children love exploring the colours,...
  • Meg, Mog and Og (Paperback)
    $90.00 Meg, Mog and Og (Paperback)
    Crom the caveman has caught Og the woolly mammoth for his tea but Meg is a vegetarian!She persuades him to eat her delicious bubble & squeak. Og is rather partial to it too and follows Meg home for another trunkful...
  • Mog in the Fog (Paperback)
    $90.00 Mog in the Fog (Paperback)
    Climbing up a mountain, Meg and Mog run into thick fog and then bump into something very strange ...Children will love exploring the colours, sounds and shapes in the magical Meg and Mog stories, which are perfect for...
  • Mog's Missing (Paperback)
    $90.00 Mog's Missing (Paperback)
    It's Midsummer Eve and Meg and Mog fly off to meet their friends, but naughty Mog is messing around and falls from the broom.Meg and friends form a search party, but however hard they look, Mog just can't be found! It takes...