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Mick Inkpen

  • Hide Me, Kipper! (Paperback)
    $90.00 Hide Me, Kipper! (Paperback)
    Kipper is one of the best-loved children's characters of all time. In 2008 he celebrated his 18th birthday and we re-launched six of the original classic Kipper storybooks. Mick also wrote a brand-new Kipper story in...
  • Kipper's A to Z (Paperback)
    $105.00 Kipper's A to Z (Paperback)
    Come on an alphabet adventure with everyone's favourite puppy and his friends: little pig, Arnold - who has lost his ant - and the hopeful Zebra, who is waiting and waiting for his turn to join the book. This is another Mick...
  • Kipper's Christmas Eve (Paperback)
    $105.00 Kipper's Christmas Eve (Paperback)
    Which is best Kipper wonders, Christmas Day or Christmas Eve? Presents? Or expecting presents? Kipper's friends: Pig, Arnold and Tiger are all getting ready for Christmas too and Kipper manages to give little Arnold his best...
  • Kipper's Monster (Paperback)
    $90.00 Kipper's Monster (Paperback)
    Kipper and Tiger are going camping at the bottom of Big Hill. Tiger has a brand-new torch and Kipper has a storybook.Hopefully there are not any monsters around.
  • Kipper's Snowy Day (Paperback)
    $90.00 Kipper's Snowy Day (Paperback)
    Huge cotton wool snowflakes are tumbling past Kipper's window and Kipper cannot wait ti go outside!
  • Mick Inkpen Treasury (Hardcover)
    $300.00 Mick Inkpen Treasury (Hardcover)
    This treasury contains seven of Mick Inkpen's classic children's stories - from The Blue Balloon, where Kipper first appears to Billy's Beetle and Penguin Small. With a special Kipper bookmark, gatefolds,...
  • Thing! (Paperback)
    $60.00 Thing! (Paperback)
    Kipper is having a sort out and finds a thing which turns out to be a bubble-blower, boat-catcher and hair-dryer all in one!
  • Tickly Christmas Wibbly Pig! (Paperback)
    $90.00 Tickly Christmas Wibbly Pig! (Paperback)
    It is Christmas, and Wibbly Pig's Big Aunt Larlie has bought herself some balls of wool, more balls of wool than usual. Oh on! Is there another tickly Christmas present on the way?
  • What Shall We Call Wibbly's Puppy? (Paperback)
    $90.00 What Shall We Call Wibbly's Puppy? (Paperback)
    Wibbly Pig and his friends can't decide what to name his new puppy. Everyone has an idea. But no one can agree. Will Wibbly ever find the perfect name?
  • Zoe and Beans Pants on the Moon! (Hardcover)
    $165.00 Zoe and Beans Pants on the Moon! (Hardcover)
    Zoe is hanging her pants out to dry one day, when...whoosh! A big gust of wind blows her and Beans up, up, up into space - along with the washing line full of pants! When they finally land on the moon, there's a lot of...
  • Zoe and Beans The Magic Hoop! (Paperback)
    $90.00 Zoe and Beans The Magic Hoop! (Paperback)
    Zoe has found a fun new game to play! When Beans jumps through her hoop he magically transforms into...Beans the rabbit with floppy ears, or Beans the crocodile with snappy jaws! But could Beans the elephant be a jump too...
  • Zoe and Beans: Where is Binky Boo? (Hardcaover)
    $165.00 Zoe and Beans: Where is Binky Boo? (Hardcaover)
    Zoe loves her doll Molly, but so does her dog, Beans. It¿s become a bit of a problem. And it all began when Beans lost his favourite toy, Binky Boo. Will Zoe and Beans ever find him? Let¿s hope so, because...