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Picture Books

  • That's Why! (Paperback)
    $90.00 That's Why! (Paperback)
    There’s bad news in the paper and war on the TV. Ziggi, an aspiring rockstar, is wondering why he was ever born at all, when the answer to his question miraculously appears in the form of a spectacular, all-flying,...
  • The Baby's Catalogue (Paperback)
    $105.00 The Baby's Catalogue (Paperback)
    Mums and Dads, breakfasts and bedtimes, pets and toys and prams and swings and lots and lots of other fascinating things!This charmingly illustrated, funny book presents a vast array of baby paraphernalia that should be...
  • The Duckling Gets a Cookie!? (Paperback)
    $105.00 The Duckling Gets a Cookie!? (Paperback)
    He has whined, wheedled, fibbed and hollered his way through many books. He wanted to drive the bus, he demanded a puppy, he pleaded for a hot dog party... But now, in a fantastic new title from Mo Willems, along comes...
  • The Easter Egg (Hardcover)
    $179.90 The Easter Egg (Hardcover)
    an Brett’s lovable bunny hero, Hoppi, and her remarkable Easter Rabbit will enchant readers as they pore over illustrations filled with dazzling eggs made by Flora Bunny, Aunt Sassyfrass and others. If Hoppi can make...
  • The Heart and the Bottle (Hardcover)
    $179.90 The Heart and the Bottle (Hardcover)
    Once there was a girl whose life was filled with wonder at the world around her¿hen one day something happened that made the girl take her heart and put it in a safe place. However, after that it seemed that the world...
  • The Little Red Train: The Runaway Train (Paperback)
    $120.00 The Little Red Train: The Runaway Train (Paperback)
    The first charming tale in The Little Red Train series which will appeal to all little boys and girls obsessed with engines, trains and things that go!   Oh no! Duffy has forgotten to put on the brake and the Little...
  • The Mitten 20th Anniversary Edition (Hardcover)
    $179.90 The Mitten 20th Anniversary Edition (Hardcover)
    Set in a snowy forest, the fun begins when, one by one, animals crawl into Nicki's lost white mitten to get warm until the bear sneezes, sending the animals flying up and out of the mitten. On each turn of the page, Jan...
  • The Pencil (Paperback)
    $105.00 The Pencil (Paperback)
    A pencil draws a boy, a dog, a cat and a whole world for them to play in.Then the pencil draws a brush, and the brush adds colour to everything. Everyone is very happy, until the pencil draws a rubber ¿ which begins...
  • The Rabbit Problem (Paperback)
    $105.00 The Rabbit Problem (Paperback)
    How does 1+1 = 288? A family of rabbits soon supplies the answer!Hop along to Fibonacci’s Field and follow Lonely and Chalk Rabbit through a calendar year as they try to handle different seasonal challenges each month,...
    An enchanting tale of a girl¿s early years and her treasured blanket.
  • The Rescue Party (Paperback)
    $105.00 The Rescue Party (Paperback)
    Percy the park keeper is having a day off. It is a perfect day for doing nothing. But Percy’s peaceful picnic is disturbed when a little rabbit meets with a nasty tumble into an old well. All the animals gather...
  • The Runaway Dinner (Paperback)
    $105.00 The Runaway Dinner (Paperback)
    Banjo is about to tuck into his sausage when it jumps right up off the plate and runs away.But the sausage - whose name is Melvin isn't alone. He's followed by the fork, the knife, the table, the French fries and even the...
  • The Tale of Chester Choi (Paperback)
    $97.00 The Tale of Chester Choi (Paperback)
    Chester Choi is one bad Chinese dragon. He just loves children...eating them, that is! But Chester has a secret - he's desperately lonely and what he really wants is a friend.
  • The Tale of Oswald Ox (Paperback)
    $97.00 The Tale of Oswald Ox (Paperback)
    Oswald Ox is the oldest beast to grace a farmyard in the East! He’s enjoying his retirement in the sun, but the other animals are none too pleased, not to mention the grumpy farmer’s wife. Then the winter ...
  • The Tale of Rhonda Rabbit (Paperback)
    $97.00 The Tale of Rhonda Rabbit (Paperback)
    The Tale of Rhonda Rabbit features one bad bunny a rabbit who insists on raiding the vegetable patch of the mighty Emperor Qin Shi Huang on a nightly basis, leaving the Emperor (who loves his greens) in a state of rage...
  • The Tale of Run Run Rat (Paperback)
    $97.00 The Tale of Run Run Rat (Paperback)
    Meet Run Run Rat - a loveable Rodent with a Mission. He's determined to find fame and glory when he sets out from his village on the banks of the River Yangtze to travel the length and breadth of China. But fame and...
  • The Tale of Temujin (Paperback)
    $97.00 The Tale of Temujin (Paperback)
    Temujin the Tiger is the Terror of the East. He¿s wrought a trail of devastation and fine dining across the Mongolian plains into China, right up to the gates of the Grand Imperial Palace! Inside the GIP lives...
  • The Three Snow Bears (Hardcover)
    $169.90 The Three Snow Bears (Hardcover)
    Aloo-ki glances up from fishing and sees her sled dogs floating off on an ice floe. She races after them and comes upon an igloo. Being a curious girl, she goes inside only to find no one home. That¿s because the...
  • The Tiger Who Came to Tea (Paperback)
    $105.00 The Tiger Who Came to Tea (Paperback)
    The doorbell rings just as Sophie and her mummy are sitting down to tea. Who could it possibly be? What they certainly don't expect to see at the door is a big furry, stripy tiger!This classic story of Sophie and her...
    $89.90 THE TOOTH BOOK
    LeSieg takes a hilarious look at teeth. Bright and early books for beginning beginners. LeSieg takes a hilarious look at teeth, where to find them, what to do with them and how to look after them. Some of what he says is...