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Polly Dunbar

  • Flyaway Katie (Paperback)
    $90.00 Flyaway Katie (Paperback)
    Katie is all alone and feeling grey. The colourful picture on her wall looks a much better place to be. If only Katie could brighten herself up, who knows what might happen...?
  • Hello Tilly (Paperback)
    $90.00 Hello Tilly (Paperback)
    Tilly lives in a little yellow house with her best friends. In this first book of the series, meet Tiptoe and Hector, Doodle, Pru and Tumpty as they play the trumpet, bang the drum, eat a feast and dance the Wiggle Wiggle...
  • Here's a Little Poem (Paperback)
    $150.00 Here's a Little Poem (Paperback)
    A gloriously illustrated first book of poetry, collecting together verse from a range of well-known authors. Here's a Little Poem is a superb selection of over fifty poems by English and American authors, including Wendy...
  • Pretty Pru (Paperback)
    $90.00 Pretty Pru (Paperback)
    Someone has taken Pru's handbag. The green handbag with red spots, with blusher and nail varnish inside. Where is it? And who took it? No one is prepared to own up - but it can't remain a secret for long when her friends are...
  • Where's Tumpty? (Paperback)
    $90.00 Where's Tumpty? (Paperback)
    "I am hiding," said Tumpty. "You can't see me!" But everyone can see Tumpty, upside down under a large cardboard box, behind a pot plant. It is very funny. But later when they really can't find Tumpty - not in the cupboard...