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Sarah Brennan

    $99.00 TALE OF A DARK HORSE (PB)
    It's 127BC and the Emperor Han Wudi is desperate for a horse...but not just any horse! The horse he wants is the life and soul of every party! But just who is that dark and handsome stallion that vanishes as quickly as he...
  • Tale of Rodney Ram (Paperback)
    $99.00 Tale of Rodney Ram (Paperback)
    Rodney Ram is gorgeous, from his ear tips to his toes. But there's just one problem...he doesn't want to lead his flock! Then famine grips Guangdong province, and the sheep are in danger. Will Rodney rise to the challenge...
  • The Tale of Sybil Snake (Paperback)
    $97.00 The Tale of Sybil Snake (Paperback)
    Everybody adores Sybil Snake - she's beautiful, slender and extremely charming. But all is not as it seems in the Emperor's garden, and Sybil is more of an enchantress than meets the eye! A tale of mystery, missing...